The University of Texas at Austin
"We made a mistake." The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing responds to dress code signage

Update from UT Austin:

The UT School of Nursing is working with university administrators to review the dress code policy in a manner consistent with the high standards of professional conduct sought by the school, its alumni, and the medical profession. This review process will also involve nursing students.

Statement from The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing:

Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that yesterday a poorly worded sign about our dress code had been posted on the School of Nursing’s elevator bulletin boards. We want everyone to know that we’ve taken the signs down. The wording of the signs made it sound as though we were worried about women’s clothing as a distraction in the learning environment.  This is not the case.

Like many schools of nursing and medicine, we have a student conduct policy that prepares all of our students to work in professional clinical settings.  This policy includes a dress code – which we have had for many years and which our students understand is part of their education. Each semester, we send competent, capable, and compassionate men and women into the nursing workforce where they face many policies and procedures.  Our code of conduct is part of getting them ready.

The signs we have taken down were not an accurate reflection of our policy.  We’re not in the business of measuring skirt lengths. We are in the business of educating a new generation of nurses.

Gayle Timmerman, RN, PhD – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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